Hydrazine (35, 55, 85 & 100%) Distributor & Supplier – Seidler


Hydrazine is a flammable, colorless liquid that possesses an ammonia-like odor. This inorganic compound is considered dangerously unstable when not handled within a solution. It is highly toxic by skin absorption, inhalation or ingestion. In fact, it is corrosive to tissue. When being handled, individuals should be wearing proper safety equipment, which includes boots, a face shield, gloves, an approved vapor respirator and a full suit.

As an ingredient, Hydrazine has a vast selection of uses. These can be found in medical, industrial and military settings. It is quite the effective ingredient in many pharmaceuticals. These range from medications that control tuberculosis to tranquilizers. It is the main foaming agent when creating polymer foam as well as being a precursor for the gas used in air bags. It is also utilized in several rocket fuels. Derivatives of Hydrazine are used in the creation of various herbicides, fungicides, pesticides and plant growth regulators.

Note: Seidler provides various percentages of Hydrazine including 35%, 55%, 85% and 100%.