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Hydrofluoric Acid

Hydrofluoric acid (HF) is one of the more important chemical compounds available on the market. Its range of usage is incredibly diverse, impacting industries as different as pharmaceuticals and geographical analysis. The compound is incredibly important to the industrialized world, as it provides a central component to some of the most important industrial activities.

This compound has a number of major usages. In its raw form, it can be used dissolve rock samples in the lab or to clean antique glass. It also has important applications in the oil industry, where it is used both to stimulate the production of wells in areas with a great deal of sandstone and is put to work in the refining process.

Outside of these applications, the compound is found both in major pharmaceuticals and in home goods products like Teflon. Labs also make use of the chemical in the production of organflourine compounds and fluorides.