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Iodine Bromide

Iodine bromide, also known as iodine monobromide, is a chemical compound in the interhalogen class. It is a compound of the elements iodine and bromine. The chemical formula for the compound is BrI and the molecular weight is 206.80847 g/mol. The compound is sensitive to light, air, and moisture.

This compound has a dark red color. It melts at 42º Celsius (108º F) and is a solid below this temperature. It must be handled with great care as it is corrosive and can cause severe burning of the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract on exposure. It can also cause irritation of the digestive tract and can be fatal if swallowed.

Iodine bromide is used in some forms of iodometric titration for analyzing concentrations of oxidizing agents in water samples. This includes determination of oxygen saturation in water samples in ecological research, as well as active chlorine concentration in swimming pools. It is also a source of iodine.