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Isobutyl Alcohol

This substance is a colorless liquid that emits a strong, alcohol-like odor. It also can have a sweet taste if ingested. Because it is an alcohol, it does evaporate quickly and must be stored correctly to avoid creating dangerous fumes. Another name for this substance is isobutanol or 2-methyl-1-propanol.

In small amounts, this liquid can be used as a food additive due to its sweet, fruity taste. Also, the strong odor means that it can be used as a fragrance for certain products. In more concentrated doses, it can be applied as a paint solvent or varnish remover. Additionally, isobutanol can be used as an additive for paint, gasoline, and certain polishes as a means to increase viscosity and reduce the formation of residue.

Since it is a food additive, isobutanol is not toxic in small doses. However, it is highly flammable and can pose a threat if inhaled in large quantities or if you encounter prolonged exposure. When handling this chemical, you should wear eye protection and gloves, and make sure that it is not exposed to flame.