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Isopar, or isoparaffin/alkane, is a fluid additive in antiperspirant/deodorant, hair conditioners, alchohol-free fragrances, hair spray/gels, insect repellants, lipstick/lip-gloss, hair shine, heavy-duty hand cleaners, make-up removers, skin lotions, sunscreens, and waterless hand cleaners. This trademarked fluid is produced by the Exxon-Mobil corporation to provide cosmetics and other consumer goods with a lighter, silkier texture upon application. Essentially, Ispoar is a liquid synthetic wax produced during the refining of petroleum and natural gas. It is also used in various forms to artificially reproduce the paraffin wax found in candies and other edible goods. In the proper concentrations and when isolated properly, Isopar is non-toxic and an effective finishing/coating material used in many cosmetics and personal care products.