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Kaolin Powder

An industrial layered silicate mineral, kaolin powder is also referred to by the common name china clay. The name kaolin derives from the French pronunciation of the Chinese “Gaoling” (“High Ridge”), which is a small southeastern Chinese village in Jiangxi Province just outside Jingdezhen. This soft, earthy, off white mineral is produced by the natural chemical weathering of aluminium silicate minerals such as feldspar. Lower grade kaolin powder is pink or orange red due to iron oxide contamination. Commercial grade kaolin is transported around the world in powder form, as semi-dry noodles, and as a liquid slurry. The primary industrial use of of kaolin (nearly 50 percent of all consumption) is to produce paper, specifically when manufacturing glossy coated paper. It is also used in manufacturing ceramics, toothpaste, cosmetics, rubber vulcanization, a base (in its altered metakaolin form) for geopolymer compounds, and even in QuikClot Combat bandages used by the military for trauma wound care.