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Lacquer Thinner

Typically a mixture of solvents that can dissolve various resins or plastics used as primary ingredients in modern lacquer. While many lacquer thinners in the past contained volatile ingredients like alkyl esters such as butyl or amyl acetate, ketones such as acetone or methyl ethyl ketone, aromatic hydrocarbons like toluene, and glycol cellosolve and/or alcohols, modern lacquer thinners have very different ingredients thanks to the US commitment to the reduction of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) at the turn of the century. Most lacquer thinners today, such as Oxsol 100, soy methyl esters, ethylene glycol, and various others are currently in development to reduce overall pollution and further reduce the overall effects of VOCs on the environment. Lacquer thinners are generally added to modern lacquers for finish woodworking projects or sealing wood construction from moisture. Thinners help aid in the uniform distribution of lacquer during application to produce finishes without variation in color/consistency.