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Lead Oxide

Classed as inorganic compounds, lead oxides have formulas that include oxygen (O) and lead (Pb). Common forms of this compound are lead dioxide, PbO2 (lead (IV) oxide); lead (II, IV) oxide, minium, Pb3O4, red lead; and lead (II) oxide, litharge, PbO, massicot. Rarer forms of this compound include black lead oxide (a combination of finely powdered Pb metal and PbO, which is used to produce lead acid batteries); Pb12O19 (black, monoclinic or dark brown crystals); and lead (II, IV) oxide, lead sesquioxide, Pb2O3.

This compound can be produced by warming lead metal in the air at roughly 600 degrees Celsius. It occurs naturally in a couple of polymorphs (yellow and red), as a rare mineral. The compound is a thermally stable, highly insoluble source of lead suitable for optic, ceramic and glass applications. Also, it is available in pieces, pellets, nanopowder (offered by American Elements), sputtering targets, powder and tablets.