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Limonene, -D

A colorless liquid hydrocarbon that smells strongly of oranges, D-Limonene is typically extracted from citrus fruits via centrifugal separation or steam distillation. It is found in many cosmetic products, and as a flavoring in food manufacturing and some medicines with a high alkaloid content to mask their bitter taste. It is also a fragrance in aftershave, bath products, and many perfumed fragrances. D-Limonene can also be found in cleaning products such as hand cleansers and degreasers such as those used by mechanics in the automotive trades. D-Limonene is known for having a sharper, more pine-scented or turpentine like odor. It also makes and excellent solvent for degreasing or removing oil from machine parts, and can also be used as a paint stripper with a less obnoxious aroma than turpentine.  Additionally, D-Limonene is also used in histology or histopathology as an alternative to xylene, since D-Limonene is far less toxic, when clearing dehydrated specimens.