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Linoleic Acid

This is a naturally occurring polyunsaturated fatty acid that is classified as Omega-6. Linoleic Acid is a colorless liquid that is not water soluble, but it does react well with oxygen to form quick-drying oils. The substance itself is odorless and tasteless, and in small doses, it is not toxic. The lipid number of Linoleic Acid is 18:2.

This substance is used for several purposes industrially. First, the acid is produced and mixed in with oil paints and varnishes. Because it evaporates quickly into the air, it can leave behind a stable film called Linoxyn.

Another significant use of Linoleic Acid is in beauty products, as it has been proven to have beneficial properties on human skin. The acid is anti-inflammatory and can help reduce acne in many cases. The acid also has hydration retention properties that make it ideal for skin care products.

In some cases, Linoleic Acid is also used in research to show the antioxidant effects of phenols.