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Lithium carbonate

This inorganic compound is a lithium salt of carbonate generally used in the processing of metal oxides. It’s primary use is as a medication to treat bipolar disorder. In industrial applications, it is used to form a low-melting flux with silica and other ingredients, as a ceramic glaze, and glasses derived from lithium carbonate are particularly useful for ovenware. Lithium carbonate’s history of medical use is also varied and extensive. It was originally prescribed by some doctors with lithium salts to dissolve bladder stones as early as 1843. By 1859, doctors were recommending lithium carbonate for ailments like gout, urinary calculi, mania, depression, and rheumatism. It was not until 1948 that John Cade discovered the antimanic effects of lithium ions on patients with bipolar disorder. However, the use of lithium carbonate to treat illness has its risks and side effects, especially when taken in high dosage. Patients suffering from lithium intoxication can experience severe impairment of their central nervous system, and potentially lethal renal failure can result from the condition as well.