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M-Pyrol Electronics Grade

To put it in non-technical jargon, M-Pyrol Electronics Grade is a solvent. In its most pure form, it is a clear/lightly yellow colored liquid. It has many practical applications in the manufacture of electronic components due to its high purity and miscibility with many different types of petroleum and non-petroleum based solvents and organic solvents such as chloroform, lower alcohol, and benzene.

It is highly stable, but due to its low base composition and medium level acidity, makes it useful in applications that are concerned with staving off the effects of industrial decomposition as well as other adverse chemical reactions such as hydrolysis and oxidation.

It is also useful against some conversion with chlorinating agents. That it is non-corrosive makes M-Pyrol an excellent base in coating substances such as paints, and contributes to the long life of these media. It is excellent in the cleaning of manufacturing systems in the electronics and construction industries.