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One of the primary dipolar aprotic solvents used in the petrochemical and plastics industries, M-Pyrol is prized for its non-volatile properties and its proficiency in dissolving numerous diverse materials. M-Pyrol is produced industrially using an ester-to-amide conversion process, and roughly 20,000 to 30,000 tons are produced annually around the world. In the petrochemical industry, M-Pyrol is used to recover hydrocarbons generated during the processing of 1,3-butane and acetylene. It also absorbs hydrogen sulfide from sour gas and from the storage tanks and circulation systems of hydrodesulfurization facilities. M-Pyrol also dissolves a wide range of polymers, so it is used for surface treatments in textiles, resins, and metal coated plastics, as well as functioning as a paint stripper. Commercially, M-Pyrol is used in the preparation of polyphenylene sulfide, and in the pharmaceutical industry in the formulation for both oral and transdermally administered drugs In higher purity concentrations, it is used as a solvent for preparing electrodes during electronics manufacturing processes.