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Magnesium Stearate Mallinckrodt® 5712 (vegetable sourced)

This compound is a common soap that possesses two stearate equivalents (anion of stearic acid) and a magnesium cation. As a white insoluble powder, magnesium sulfate is primarily used as a release agent and component/lubricant in manufacturing cosmetics. The Mallinckrodt 5712 variety of magnesium stearate is derived primarily from vegetable-sourced stearic acid, as opposed to stearic acid that has been extracted from animal fats or fats found in dairy products such as milk and butter.Since magnesium stearate is primarily used as an anti-adherent in pharmaceutical manufacturing, using magnesium stearate derived from animal fat is a serious problem for many consumers. For example, vegetable derived stearic acid does not present an ethical concern for vegetarians/vegans who do not wish to knowingly consume animal products. Deriving the stearic acid for magnesium stearate from vegetable matter is also In keeping with various religious dietary laws, as magnesium stearate derived from pig or cow fat would be considered unclean/forbidden.