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Maltodextrin® M100

A commonly used food additive, maltodextrin is a polysaccharide produced from common starch via partial hydrolysis. Typically manufactured and sold as a white spray-dried powder, maltodextrin can be easily digested and metabolized as glucose by the human body. It can frequently be found in both soft drinks and soda, as well as numerous other processed foods and beverages. Beer breweries use maltodextrin to increase the specific gravity of their finished products in order to improve its mouthfeel, as well as help their beer retain its head and reduce the overall dryness of their brew. Though it can be derived from any starch, most maltodextrin produced in the US is derived from corn, with European manufacturers preferring wheat starch to corn. Some gluten sensitive, gluten intolerant, and persons diagnosed with celiac disease are often concerned about the presence of gluten in maltodextrin, but most maltodextrin derived from wheat contains 200 ppm or less in terms of potential gluten content.