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Manganous Carbonate

Also referred to by the name manganese carbonate, this pink crystalline substance is found in naturally occurring deposits of rhodochrosite, but the majority of manganese carbonate used in its varied applications is manufactured industrially. Manganous carbonate is a water insoluble solid that is similar in structure to the mineral calcite. When treated with acids however, manganous carbonate produces water soluble salts. Additionally, it is essential to be aware that as manganous carbonate decomposes, it releases carbon dioxide. Much of the manganous carbonate produced worldwide is added in powdered form to plant fertilizers, especially in areas where crops demonstrate deficiencies in magnesium. It is further added to health foods, and as an additive to color ceramic glaze. Manganous carbonate is also calcined to synthesize manganese dioxide, which is a key ingredient in both dry-cell batteries and ferrites. Eye protection and breathing protection should be employed when handling powdered manganese dust in order to prevent possible toxic exposure via respiration.