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Mango Flavor

Mangoes are among the most widely cultivated fruit, thanks to their delicious taste. They grow well in areas with a tropical climate and are exported all over the world. It is usually green, hard and sour before reaching maturity. Once fully ripe, it becomes yellow, soft and sweet. This distinct sweetness can be added to virtually any type of food with the help of flavoring products. These are safe and approved by the US FDA.

Mango flavor is available in different quantities. Individual consumers can buy small bottles to use in their kitchens. Businesses can buy large quantities for the manufacture of various food products. For instance, it may be added to ice cream to create one of the most popular fruit variants of this treat. It is also commonly added to juice drinks, cream filings, pies, and other forms of dessert. Only a small quantity is required to provide the desired taste and color.