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Methyl Alcohol (Methanol)

This naturally occurring substance is a clear liquid that has a strong alcohol odor. Because it is a simple alcohol, it does evaporate quickly in the air, and it is highly flammable. Methanol used to be produced as a byproduct of wood burning, but in modern times it is created by catalyzing carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen.

This chemical has a high solubility rating, meaning that it can be used to mix other chemicals. In fact, most of the time methanol is used to create other chemicals such as formaldehyde. These mixtures are used for a variety of products, such as plastics, paints, and explosives.

Although it does occur naturally, methanol is highly toxic to humans. If ingested, it could cause gastrointestinal issues and even blindness. Also, because it evaporates quickly, it can be harmful if inhaled. Finally, it is a mild skin irritant, but if it absorbs into the skin, then it can create a negative effect on your body.