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Methyl Paraben

Methyl paraben is a paraben, a preservative and methyl ester of the p hydroxybenzoic acid. It occurs naturally in numerous different fruits, such as blueberries, and it acts as an antimicrobial compound. It primarily refined and used in a variety of industries as anti fungal agents, and is found in numerous different personal care and cosmetic products. It is also a commonly used food preservative, and, when combined with other compounds, it can act as a potent fungicide. It is typically very toxic at high concentrations, while at lower concentrations, it can help slow the growth of larva and pupae.

While it is found naturally in numerous different fruits, it can be harmful in particularly large concentrations, and, as such, should be handled with care. The compound is also readily metabolized by various types of common soil bacteria, which makes it biodegradable and ideal for use in anti fungal products.