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MF 319 Developer

MF 319 Developer is a high resolution semiconductor which was formulated for MICROPOSIT S1400 and S1800 series photo resits. It is recommended for avoiding potential sources of metal ion contamination and can be used in immersion and batch spray modes.

MF 319 Developer is effective for spray and puddle processing due to its low volume water usage and reduced need for nozzle positioning. It is a ready to use solution, which can simplify processing times and also improves resolution and exposure.

The optimal temperature for operation is between 15C to 1C, and immersion time is normally under a minute. For best results, it is recommended to keep the development time constant and adjust exposure time as needed to meet the dimension requirements.

MF 319 Developer should only be stored on its original container in the upright position, in a safe, dry area. It should not be stored in sunlight or near acids or heat sources.