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Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is an odorless, colorless and clear derivative of petroleum. It is produced in light and heavy grades and has chemical similarities to petroleum jelly. It has three further classifications, which are naphthenic, paraffinic and aromatic, based on the type of alkanes used to make the oil and the chemical properties and makeups are slightly different. Easy to make and inexpensive, it is used in a number of different products, including medicine, cosmetics, lubricants and cooling systems.

There is a variety of cosmetic products that contain this oil and they include commonly used skin care products such as cold cream and topical ointments for babies, children and adults as well. In its semisolid, purified form, it is referred to as liquid petrolatum and is frequently used as the main ingredient for skin softeners, protective dressings and salves. A number of individuals are of the belief that it ranks very high among the most effective moisturizers.