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The more common name for this substance is chlorobenzene. It is a colorless liquid that produces a strong, aromatic vapor. This vapor is both harmful to humans and highly flammable, so this chemical should be handled with caution.

The primary application of chlorobenzene is a solvent. It can be found in many different industries, and it can also act as a degreaser. This chemical can also be used as an intermediate in the production of various dyes, herbicides, and rubbers. Historically speaking, chlorobenzene was used to make the insecticide DDT.

Because this chemical produces such strong vapors, a breathing mask and goggles should be worn (along with gloves). Chlorobenzene is highly flammable and must not be stored next to other combustible materials. Inhalation, ingestion, and direct contact with the skin can be harmful to humans. It can affect the central nervous system, resulting in tremors and muscle spasms. Chronic exposure to chlorobenzene can exacerbate these effects.