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Monopotassium Phosphate

This soluble salt of potassium and dihydrogen phosphate is among the most widely used fertilizers, food additives, and fungicides. As a source of phosphorus and potassium, it is a key component in numerous urea and ammonium phosphate-based fertilizers, largely due to its ability to regulate ammonia levels via a lower pH balance. Adding monopotassium phosphate to a fertilizer compound enriches the fertilizer's ability to produce greater quantities of essential nitrogen to feed plants via its decomposition by nitrifying bacteria. Plants with significantly greater supplies of nitrogen are able to withstand adverse weather conditions and lower rainfall levels more effectively, as well as producing more fruit upon reaching maturity. Manufacture of this compound is accomplished by the action of exposing potassium carbonate to phosphoric acid. The resulting substance is a clear paraelectric crystal shaped in tetragonal symmetry. The primary use for most manufactured monopotassium phosphate is fertilizer, but it also has uses in optical modulations and nonlinear optics due to its crystalline nature.