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Muriate of Potash

This metal halide salt is composed primarily of potassium and chloride, and thus is more commonly referred to as potassium chloride. Odorless and white or colorless, potassium chloride has a vitreous crystal appearance, and dissolves readily in water. Solutions containing muriate of potash generally have a salty taste. Primary uses of muriate potash include fertilizers, medicine, scientific studies and applications, food processing, and most notably as the third drug used in lethal injection executions to induce cardiac arrest in the person to be executed. Natural sources of muriate of potash include sylvite and sylvinite, the latter of which refers to deposits of muriate of potash found in mineral concentration with sodium chloride. Most muriate of potash manufactured around the world is used in fertilizer production to increase the potassium intake of plant life as a means of increasing growth rates. The medical industry uses oral administration of muriate of potash to treat low blood levels of potassium, though it can be administered intravenously as well.