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N-Butyl Acetate

This is a naturally occurring substance that produces a sweet, aromatic flavor. It can be found in many different kinds of fruit, or it can be created synthetically. N-butyl acetate is colorless and highly flammable and can be toxic if ingested in potent quantities. This chemical naturally smells like banana.

In trace amounts, n-butyl acetate is employed as a synthetic fruit flavoring. Typically, it is there to reproduce the flavors of apples or bananas. In higher concentrations, it can be utilized as a solvent to produce lacquers and other substances. As a flavoring, it can be found in many kinds of food, including ice creams and cheeses.

Due to its high flammability, n-butyl acetate should be stored in sealed containers away from any combustible materials. Ingestion or inhalation of concentrated doses of this chemical can be harmful, so wear eye protection and a breathing mask when handling it.