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Also referred to as 1-propyl alcohol or 1-propanol, n-propanol is an alcohol resulting from fermentation processes, and sees the majority of its use in producing resins and cellulose esters for the pharmaceutical industry. Since it reacts in the typical manner associated with primary alcohols, it is easily converted into alkyl halides such n-propyl iodide and red phosphorus. The primary method of industrial preparation is the catalytic hydrogenation of propionaldehyde, typically using cobalt octacarbonyl or rhodium complex to initialize catalyzation. N-propanaol also possesses a very high octane number, and it has some use in high end racing engines as a fuel source; however, the high cost of production generally inhibits further development of n-propanol as a fuel. Universal precautions should always be employed when handling or using n-propanol, mainly due to the fact that the fumes have an effect similar to ethanol with three times the potency. Refer to data safety sheet for exposure guidelines.