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N-Propyl Acetate

Also called propyl ethanoate, this compound sees the majority of its use industrially and commercially as a solvent due to its various physical properties as an ester of acetic acid. A clear and colorless liquid, n-propyl acetate is easily recognizable thanks to its unique aroma that is nearly identical to the odor of pears. Thanks to its fruity aroma, n-propyl acetate is often used as an ingredient in fragrances, and as a flavoring in various candies and other food products. As with many other common solvents, n-propyl acetate is miscible in water to a small degree, and is generally used to dissolve or dilute coatings and printing inks. The process of synthesis is fairly simple, and most industrially produced n-propyl acetate is formed via the esterification of acetic acid and 1-propanol with a condensation reaction. Another common method of synthesis includes the Fischer-Speier esterification process catalyzed by sulfuric acid and generating water as a byproduct.