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N-Propyl Alcohol (Avantor MA-8176-04 AR, 500 GM)

This substance goes by many different names, including 1-propanol, n-propanol, and 1-propyl alcohol. It is a clear, colorless liquid that is completely miscible in water. It produces a slight, ethereal odor that evaporates quickly in the air. N-propyl is considered a base alcohol, and thus it is highly flammable.

N-propyl alcohol is a highly effective solvent and chemical intermediate, which makes it an ideal ingredient for a broad range of applications. This substance can be found in many cosmetics, including hair and nail treatments, as well as soaps and perfumes. Other uses include making window cleaners and acetone, as well as cleaning solvents for the pharmaceutical industry.

Because n-propyl alcohol can evaporate quickly in the air, eye protection and a breathing mask must be worn. If it comes into contact with the pupil, it can cause redness and irritation. Inhalation of the vapors may also cause irritation and dizziness. Since it is highly flammable, it must be kept in a cool, dry area without any combustible materials.

N-Propyl Alcohol (Avantor MA-7169)