Nacconol® Distributor & Supplier - Seidler


An anionic surfactant that allows for superior detergency, foaming, wetting, and emulsification properties, Nacconol ® is used in most household, institutional, and industrial detergents. IT is also used in construction products like concrete admixture, firefighting foams, and in additives for dust control. Additionally, Nacconol ® is also used in concrete-air entrainment, heavy duty cleaning, industrial foaming applications, and for light duty cleaning. The physical appearance of Nacconol ® is white to light yellow flakes, granules, or as a fine powder. It is water soluble, and a minor skin and eye irritant. Should it be ingested, the typical effect is induced vomiting, diarrhea, and intestinal distension. Those exposed to Nacconol ® either by physical contact or inhalation of vapors should immediately seek medical attention. Nacconol ® is also incompatible with strong oxidizers, and exposure should be avoided.