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Nickel Acetate

Nickel acetate is the common name that is given to an inorganic compound that possesses its distinct formula. It is identified by its vibrant green color, which is the result of the union of its chemicals. It is commonly utilized in electroplating, which is the process that makes use of an electrical current to reduce dissolved metal cations, allowing them to form coherent coatings on electrodes.

The green compound contains a unique crystallography when viewed under an x ray, as it adopts a central octahedral structure. Its center is identified by its coordination of four water molecules along with two acetate ligands. It may be dehydrated until it achieves its powder form in accordance with vacuo or by a reaction with acetic anhydride. Heating the compound can also result in the desirable form. Care should always be taken around the compound, as all nickel salts are highly carcinogenic and can irritate the skin.