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Nickel Sulfamate

Nickel sulfamate is an inorganic, water-soluble compound. It comes in liquid form and is often used for coating and plating metals. It has a small internal stress level, and when a high-purity product is applied, the surface of the deposit will be fine-grained.

Nickel plating from a sulfamate bath was first introduced in Italy in 1938. It’s especially useful when treating aluminum and magnesium. In electronic components, nickel sulfamate is frequently used to plate connectors, lead frames, and resistors; in electroforming products, it often plates metal masks, resin molds, stampers and diamond cutters. It provides luster, uniformity, wear resistance, protection from corrosion and a decorative layer.

In addition to causing allergic reactions, including respiratory difficulties, nickel sulfamide is also classified as a carcinogen and may cause reproductive difficulties, genetic defects, and organ toxicity. Personal protective equipment like gloves, clothes, eye and face protection is of the utmost importance when handling nickel sulfamate.