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Nickelous Chloride

Nickelous Chloride is an inorganic compound, usually green or yellow, that is capable of producing toxic gases when heated. It is popular in electroplating and various nickel catalysts, and used for absorption of ammonia in gas masks worn by industrial workers.

The canonicalized compound has a molecular weight of 129.593 g/mol and a complexity of 2.8. The monoisotopic and exact mass both come in at 127.873 g/mol.

Nickelous Chloride can be found in electrical components and various electronic products. It’s soluble in ammonium hydroxide and ethanol, but insoluble in ammonia.

The skin can become irritated upon direct exposure to the compound. Organ damage can result from repeated exposure or inhalation.

The compound itself is non flammable, but may explode if heated within a container. It has a melting point of 1001 degrees C and a boiling point of 973 degrees C. Nickelous Chloride can also become explosive when mixed with potassium.