Chemicals for Health Products & the Nutraceutical Industry


The Nutraceutical Industry has experienced explosive growth in the last two decades, and is approaching $100 Billion in sales in the U.S. Market alone.

Nearly two out of three Americans regularly consume at least one nutraceutical product, and as this market continues to expand worldwide, the manufacturers of these health products increasingly search for quality ingredients and supply chain integrity.

Available through Seidler Chemical are:


• Acids and Bases

• Acidulents

• Amino Acids

• Chelates

• Citrates
• Creatines

• Mineral Salts

• Preservatives

• Sweeteners

• Vitamins

As consumers clamor for alternatives to drugs and for safer preventative products, why not use Seidler Chemical to supply premium products and the type of supply chain transparency that you are looking for?