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Oil Absorbent

A general term referring to compounds of silica, clay, and in some cases diatomaceous earth used to clean up petroleum oil spills in automotive workshops and other industrial settings. The mixture of the component materials in oil absorbent allow it to trap large quantities of spilled petroleum based products safely, rendering it largely inert so it can be swept up easily with a broom and disposed of properly in a hazardous material container. In other cases, oil absorbent can be added as a component in floor matting and floor coverings to absorb small scale spills and drips. Typically, most automotive and machine shops will order oil absorbent in quantity to make their occasional cleanup fast, safe, and convenient while still maintaining minimal hazardous material exposure standards for their place of business. No special storage requirements are needed for oil absorbent as a rule, though ideally it should be kept in sealed, airtight containers in a cool dry environment.