Chemical Supply Company for the Personal Care Industry

Personal Care

The wide range of products offered by Seidler Chemical to the Personal Care Industries can provide a unique synergy in a manufacturer’s product development.

If you are looking for personal care ingredients for R & D, Pilot or Production purposes contact our customer service department or click on link to the left.

• Alkanolamides

• Alkyl Ether Sulfates

• Alkyl Sulfates

• Conditioning Agents:
  Alkyl Quats
  Amide and
  Ester Derivatives
  Conditioner Concentrates
  Silicone Derivatives

• Emollients:
  Liquid Lipophilic
  Waxy Lipophilic

• Emulsifiers:
  Water in Oil (W/O)
  Oil in Water (O/W)

• Glycerine, Mineral Oils
  and Petrolatums

• Hair Repair Agents

• Hyaluronic Acid Solutions

• Metallic Stearates

• Moisturizers
• Pearlizing Agents:
  Hot Processable
  Cold Processable

• Personal Care Formulated
  Liquid Blends

• Phosphate Esters

• Rheological Additives:
  Lipophilic – Low Molecular
  Weight Additives
  Hydrophilic – Highly
  Ethoxylated Additives

• Solubilizers

• Stabilizers

• Sulfonates

• Surfactants:
  Specialty Betaines
  Surfactant Blends