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Petroleum Solvents

This term refers to a group of chemicals that are petroleum-based. There are three primary classifications when referring to these solvents. First, there are special boiling range solvents. These substances will boil at temperatures between 30-160 degrees Celsius. Second, there are white spirits, which boil at 130-220 degrees C. Finally, there are high-boiling aromatic solvents, which will boil at 160-300 degrees C.

Some examples of petroleum solvents include benzene, naphtha, petroleum ether, and hydrosol. There are over four dozen varieties of these kinds of chemicals, and they can be utilized in a broad range of industries. Many of them can be employed in the paint and varnish industry, while others can be used to create rubber and other synthetic products.

Since they are made from petroleum, these solvents are mildly toxic and flammable. They should be stored in a cool, dry area, away from other combustible materials. Some solvents may produce strong vapors, so proper safety equipment should be worn at all times.