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Phenylhydrazine is in the form of a yellow to pale brown oily liquid. It is soluble in both alcohol and water. It is miscible with other organic solvents. It is light sensitive, though it is stable under ordinary conditions. The NFPA ratings are as follows: flammability is 2; reactivity is 0; and health is 3. It helps to start the process of producing heterocycle indoles through Fischer indole synthesis.

The purpose of Phenylhydrazine is as a chemical intermediate in the use of creating tryptamine drugs, such as though that remedy migraines and cluster headaches. Another use of this chemical is to detect aldehydes and sugars in analytical chemistry. Phenylhydrazine is a part of the hydrazine group of chemicals. In general, they are used in water boilers and heating systems to prevent corrosion damage. Some other applications for which hydrazines are used include the following: photographic, agrichemicals, dyes, plastics, and explosives.