Phosphoric Acid 85%- Avantor MA-2796-45 4 Liter - Seidler

Phosphoric Acid 85% (Avantor ACS, MA-2796-45 4 Liter)

This substance can either be a viscous liquid or a crystalline solid. In both cases, it is clear and colorless and can be transparent when in solid form. It is miscible in water and completely soluble in ethanol, and it does not produce any odors. It is highly corrosive to both metals and tissue, but it is not flammable.

The primary purpose for phosphoric acid is in the production of fertilizers. Phosphorous is highly beneficial to most plants and helps increase their overall yield. Additionally, this acid can be found in a wide variety of other industries, including food, cosmetics, dentistry, and rust removal.

Since it is corrosive to human skin, gloves and eye protection must be worn when handling phosphoric acid. It can cause burns if exposed directly to the tissue, but it does not produce any harmful vapors. This substance must be stored in a cool, dry area.

Phosphoric Acid 85% (Avantor ACS, MA-2796)