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Phosphoric Acid (Avantor BA-0260-33 ACS 2.5 Liters)

As a solid, this substance has a transparent, crystalline structure. As a liquid, it is highly viscous and still colorless. It does not produce any odor or vapors, and as such, it is classified as non-flammable. In powder form, phosphoric acid will absorb water vapor exceedingly well, so it is classified as a deliquescent material.

This substance has a wide variety of uses, including as a food additive to increase the acidity of certain beverages. It can also be found in certain toothpaste as well as some anti-nausea medications. However, the majority of phosphoric acid is utilized in agriculture in the production of many fertilizers.

Eye protection and gloves should be worn at all times when handling this substance because it is toxic and corrosive to human tissue. Direct contact should be flushed out with water immediately to prevent or minimize burns. Phosphoric acid should be stored in a cool, dry area.

Phosphoric Acid (Avantor BA-0260)