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Plasticizers, also known as dispersants, are derived from a variety of different chemical combinations. The term "plasticizers" is something of an umbrella moniker attached to a range of chemical combinations that serve the same ultimate purpose. Plasticizers are created specifically to serve as additives to other materials. Plasticizers are added in this manner to enhance the fluidity of that material into which it is being added.

Plasticizers are utilized to make certain types of plastics more flexible and durable. It particularly is used in PVC piping.

Plasticizers are blended in concrete to make it more manageable and stronger in the final analysis. In addition, plasticizers are blended in "sheet rock" (or gypsum) building materials, also as a means of enhancing is workability.

Because different plasticizers are made from various underlying chemical compounds, the levels of their toxicity varies. Some chemical combinations result in plasticizers with a low toxicity while other combos result in plasticizers with a higher toxicity.