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Potassium Bifluoride

Potassium Bifluoride is an inorganic compound probably not familiar to the average household. While it has many industrial applications, it is, however, a component of many everyday use chemicals and is used to facilitate the production of other common chemical compounds. To the lab technician, this compound is recognizable as a colorless salt which is soluble in water.

An interesting use of this chemical is in etching glass. It is also important in manufacturing optical quality glass.

Closer to home and business applications include the use of its abrasiveness for cleaning products and as a common ingredient in wood preservatives. Many porches, decks and docks may be constructed of wood preserved with a biflouride product.

For the welder and electronics technician, whether professional or amateur, this versatile compound is a component of welding and soldering flux. Flux allows the solder material to flow freely and smoothly onto the pieces to be joined together.