Potassium Hydroxide ACS Avantor MA-6984-06 2.5Kg - Seidler

Potassium Hydroxide ACS (Avantor MA-6984-06 2.5Kg)

Better known by its common name of caustic potash or lye, potassium hydroxide is a strong base valued for its industrial and niche applications due to its corrosiveness and reactivity when combined with acids. Pure potassium hydroxide can be produced by reacting sodium hydroxide with a quantity of impure potassium. This particular form is laboratory reagent grade and ships in 2.5 kg.units of high purity pellets intended for use in a laboratory setting. At a purity of 86%, this form of potassium hydroxide is ideal for laboratory research and small scale production requiring high purity reagents in a quantity that is easily and safely stored with other compounds where storage and workspace may be more limited, or the production requirements for potassium hydroxide are minimal. Due to the highly caustic nature of potassium hydroxide, universal precautions should be observed during handling and use. See material safety data sheet for further details.

Potassium Hydroxide ACS (Avantor MA-6984)