Potassium Hydroxide Avantor BA-3144-03 ELE 8 Pt - Seidler

Potassium Hydroxide (Avantor BA-3144-03 ELE 8 Pt)

A liquid solution of potassium hydroxide rather than the usual pellet form, this 8 pint bottle is ideal for use in desiccating large quantities of solvents from aqueous solutions of amines and or pyridines to form anhydrous solvent compounds. This liquid form of potassium hydroxide is also used in combination with lipids to produce glycerol and soap. It is also instrumental in the manufacturing process for biodiesel, where it is used as part of the transesterification process to convert vegetable fats into usable fuel. The glycerine byproduct produced from this process is also used as a feedstock for livestock once it has been filtered to remove the highly toxic methanol from the glycerine. As with all forms of potassium hydroxide, proper universal precautions should be taken to protect skin and eyes from accidental exposure. Even low concentrations of potassium hydroxide can cause painful burns if it comes in contact with skin.