Potassium Hydroxide PEL Avantor MA-6984-25 110Lb - Seidler

Potassium Hydroxide PEL (Avantor MA-6984-25 110Lb)

Ideal for large scale integration production processes, this mass quantity of potassium hydroxide pellets ships in an airtight container in order to preserve its hygroscopic nature and utility as a desiccant in producing anhydrous solvents. 121 grams of potassium hydroxide can be easily dissolved in  100 mL of water without altering the volume, and lower molecular weight alcohols like methanol, ethanol, and propanols all make excellent potassium hydroxide solvents. For mass production purposes, potassium hydroxide is generally used in producing liquid and solid form soaps, as well aso for producing large quantities of other potassium compounds through various processes and reactions with other chemical compounds. Potassium hydroxide is  typically manufactured in mass quantity by adding potassium carbonate to a strong solution of calcium hydroxide (also called slaked lime). This produces a metathesis reaction that precipitates the calcium carbonate, leaving isolated potassium hydroxide in the solution. The remaining solution is then boiled down to crystalline form and shaped into pellets.

Potassium Hydroxide ACS (Avantor MA-6984)