Potassium Hydroxide PEL Avantor MA-6984-28 25Kg - Seidler

Potassium Hydroxide PEL (Avantor MA-6984-28 25Kg)

Intended for larger scale production, these 25 kg. units are ideal for larger scale production in a medium scale laboratory setting. Pellets are sealed in airtight containers, and are intended for use in desiccating basic solvents such as amines and pyridines as distilling their liquid forms with a slurry of potassium hydroxide produces anhydrous reagents. Potassium hydroxide possesses very high thermal stability and low melting point, so it is often formed using melt-casting into rods or pellets for easier handling with a lower surface area. This compound is also highly caustic on contact with human skin even in concentrations as low as 2%, so great care should be taken while handling or storing potassium hydroxide in a workplace setting where accidental exposure could result in painful burns. Always use appropriate universal precautions when handling potassium hydroxide, and refer to the material safety datasheet in order to maintain appropriate safety protocols for storage and use.

Potassium Hydroxide ACS (Avantor MA-6984)