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Potassium Hydroxide

Potassium hydroxide is an inorganic chemical compound that is often referred to as caustic potash. It is most commonly found in solid form, and it is widely known for being a strong base.

The majority of applications that use the compound utilize it for its high reactivity to acids, as well as its highly corrosive nature. It is used in a number of chemicals that contain potassium, and it is often utilized as a precursor to soft and liquid soap products.

Although the compound is often used interchangeably with sodium hydroxide, it has specific uses in a number of industries. For example, liquid and soft soaps are made with the compound because similar compounds are unable to produce the same saponification of fats. Additionally, it is used to manufacture biodiesel fuel through a process that involves the triglycerides in vegetable oil. Moreover, the compound is often used in alkaline batteries in addition to applications that require the degradation of certain materials.