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Potassium Oxalate

This substance is a white, odorless solid. It is water soluble, although it takes a long time for it to mix. Potassium oxalate is crystalline and semi-toxic to humans. It is considered a dicarboxylic acid and it can be found naturally in many plants and vegetables. It can also be produced in the body, where it is excreted in the urine, rather than absorbed and used.

Potassium oxalate is primarily used as a bleaching agent or as a reducing agent. It reacts with other acids to produce a base, thereby neutralizing their effect. Certain chemicals have specific reactions to potassium oxalate, so it can also be utilized for various chemical tests.

Proper care and handling must be used when dealing with this chemical. Gloves, goggles, and a breathing mask should be worn, just in case. Inhalation of this substance can be fatal, and direct exposure to the skin or eyes can cause mild to severe irritation. Potassium oxalate is not flammable.