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Potassium Phosphate

The term potassium phosphate refers to the salts of phosphate and potassium ions. This includes tripotassium phosphate, dipotassium phosphate and monopotassium phosphate. E340 is the E number that applies to this substance, when it is used as a food additive. Phosphorus naturally occurs in the body, and it is crucial to each one of your cells. Most of the body's phosphorus is located in the bones. Phosphates are the sodium salt and potassium forms of phosphorus.

If your phosphate or potassium levels are insufficient, your physician might prescribe this substance to you as medication. It is used to reduce the concentration of urinary calcium and acidify your urine. This might lessen odors or rashes caused by the presence of ammonium in your urine. Also, this substance can be used to boost the antibiotic impact of methenamine (Urex, Hiprex). Most of the time, this medication takes the form of powders and injections.