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Potassium Tetraborate

Potassium Tetraborate is a product that resulted from a controlled reaction of potassium hydroxide, boric acid, and water. It features a variety of uses, including as a buffering agent. When it is dissolved in water, the compound hydrolyzes and gives a mildly alkaline solution. As such, it is capable of neutralizing acids. It is also capable of combining with strong alkalis in order to lower their pH.

The compound is also popular in welding and brazing fluxes. It is a very powerful solvent for metallic oxides at higher temperatures. In metallurgical applications, it is used to prepare special welding fluxes of stainless steel and various other non ferrous metals. It is also featured in oil additives for the purpose of lubrication. Potassium borates are dispersed in a finely divided state, which improves their anticorrosion and antiwear properties in industrial and automotive lubricants. They are particularly useful in heavier load scenarios.