Propanol 2 Avantor BA-5373-05 VLSI 8 Pt Bottle - Seidler

Propanol 2 (Avantor BA-5373-05 VLSI 8 Pt Bottle)

A general use concentration of propanol 2- intended for very large scale integration, this 8 pint bottle is ideal for use in industrial and commercial manufacturing processes such as liquid hand sanitizer or medical antiseptic solution production. It is also used to remove water from gasoline tanks and fuel systems in the automotive industry, acting as a “drying” agent to remove any water present. This is especially important for automobiles used in cold weather regions, as water in the fuel system freezes, causing malfunctions or blockages that can prevent an engine from starting until it warms up sufficiently to melt the frozen water in the fuel line. Propanol 2- is toxic in high concentrations, and work spaces where propanol 2- will be handled in quantity should be well ventilated with no open flame or exposed heating elements in order to ensure a safe working environment. Refer to the material safety data sheet for further details.